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Just meat and herbs

Our own dogs eat "Hunt and Forage" Dog food

Our dogs have guided us to create a selection of herbs to prevent many health issues.

Each of our dogs have inspired a recipe.



Our noble blue cattle dog is fourth generation on the same line of dogs. He is focused, loyal and loving.

From birth, Hercules has been on a diet provided by Hunt & Forage since birth.

When he was born, we made Sea Dog: a mix of seaweed, cod liver oil and coconut oil. This gave his mum Narla, a beautiful coat and bright eyes while she was feeding 6 big pups.

This was the first food Hercules ate at 4 weeks of age. Omega 3, fatty acids and essential minerals as well as a raw food diet enabled Hercules to grow to a proud, larger cattle dog.

When he got to the naughty puppy stage, we gave him Calm Dog with slippery elm, chamomile and brewers yeast to help settle any tummy upsets and give him focus as my anxiety dog. Hercules is now a father himself. Calm dog continues to be his favourite.


Worm Stop

The dreaded "bum rub" is exhibited by all dogs, usually just at the moment you would prefer they didn't. Sometimes the parasite is a flea around the anus and sometimes, an internal parasite. Either way, the dog is uncomfortable. Diatomatious Earth is prismatic in its microscopic structure. Inside the dog, it "cuts up" the worm without harming the lining of the stomach. Garlic and olive oil also deter insects. I use this mix once a week to complement a good worming regime. This mix was inspired by Cracker. A mini foxie, who is a friendly, funny little fellow, who has manage a bum rub right across the carpet and who's fine coat seems especially susceptible to fleas. This diet has really reduced the redness with his grass allergy too.



Old Doggy is a mixture of Rosehips, crushed millet and linseed oil topped on fresh lamb, chicken and beef with added 20% offal and 10% bone.

Old Doggy is inspired by my beautiful Patch. A rescued 10year old mini foxie who was starving when he came into our lives. He had broken ribs and rotten teeth. His gnarled little legs evidenced his lack of nutrition from an early age.

With Old Doggy, Patch recovered in his condition, his broken rib repaired and although his legs were still all bent up, his mobility was not a problem anymore. 

It is with great sadness that we found our dear little friend had passed away at 15 after a fight with a snake in 2022. 

He loved rides on the bicycle and cuddles with mum.  

patch and cracker.webp

Sweetie- Dog Breath

Sweetie has the heart of a lion and the body of a soft toy. She is arguably one of the cutest dogs, but the Westie/Jack Russell is reluctant to listen when called. Because of her incessant hunting, we developed Dog Breath: a mix of Feedchar (TM) and parsley to help detox after consuming unknown prey!!! As the alfa female in our pack, Sweetie has lead many a furry friend astray also. She can climb fences and loves to jump in the car only to be told "No". But every night, she manages to find a bedroom door open and a warm bed and open arms.


No Waste - smart

We hope your dog will be as satisfied by "Hunt and Forage" as ours.

We have always fed table scraps and dehydrated treats to our beloved dogs. Many people reading this will have had much experience in feeding so please use your own discretion when choosing a diet.

This meal plan uses reusable containers which can be dropped back when purchasing your next supply for a 50c per tub discount.

Please see a feeding guide below which may be useful in deciding what portion size is appropriate.

2% of adult weight:3% of adult weight:

30kg dog:30,000g x 0.02 = 600g of food30,000g x 0.03 = 900g of food

20kg dog:20,000g x 0.02 = 400g of food20,000g x 0.03 = 600g of food

10kg dog:10,000g x 0.02 = 200g of food10,000g x 0.03 = 300g of food

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