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No package waste

Anna is passionate about a product range with reusable packaging

Reusable Containers for dog meals

Hunt & Forage wild meals are in fully reusable, freezer and microwave safe containers so that our smart customers can wash and return the tubs with a 50c discount of each meal for every tub.

Anna will wash them in a dishwasher and reuse the tubs for the next batch.


Handmade timber tea boxes

Anna handmakes tea boxes from recycled pine pallets. This waste timber is food safe after thorough sanding and each box is personalised by Anna through woodburning artwork and labels.

This becomes a timeless piece of craftsmanship and more than packaging.

tea boxes_edited.jpg

Paper or reusable plastic or glass

All of our equine, poultry, human and dog herbal preparations are contained in natural or reusable packaging.

Our priorities are clear plain labelling

Aussie made packaging where possible. Better still Aussie owned businesses sold us the packaging. This keeps our costs down and our customers are very welcome to return their packaging for Anna to wash and reuse or ask for a vacuum sealed pouch as a refill.

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